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Retreats and Reflection Days

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One of the most meaningful and successful methods of supporting young people in deepening their faith lives is a well-planned retreat. Because retreats take young people out of their normal routine, be it school, studies, work, or the familiarity of home, they begin to look at their lives in new ways.

Retreats have often been moments of conversion for young people who fully open themselves to the experience. They can also be opportunities for catechesis, giving young people a better understanding of their Catholic identity and faith. Because they provide rich experiences of prayer and worship, retreats always offer the potential for a deeper relationship with God.

Our team plans and facilitates retreats for primary and secondary schools, parishes and small groups. We offer retreats that are hands-on, relevant, challenging and life-giving. No two communities are the same, therefore, we design a program in consultation with the local planning team to ensure a most positive and faith-filled experience.

Depending on the theme, focus and brief, each retreat offers effective prayer, youth-centred music, large and small group activities, games and recreation, free time, youth-designed worship and opportunities for creativity and silence.

Contact our office to see how we can put together a program for your community.

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