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Student Leadership Training & Formation

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Dusty Sandals

‘Jesus rose and made his way out of the room. He appeared several moments later, with a towel around his waist. Walking deliberately over to the corner, he poured fresh water into a basin. As Jesus picked up the basin, an abrupt silence fell upon the group.’
(John 13: 4 – 5)

Dusty Sandals is a leadership program designed at educating and empowering student leaders in Catholic Schools.

Dusty Sandals focuses on providing a variety of activities to foster and develop the leadership qualities in school leaders.

This is achieved by using techniques that open a range of possibilities and draw on the gifts, talents and values of the individual and make use of effective and productive team work.

Leadership is essentially about relationships and Dusty Sandals will be centred on the servant-style leadership of Jesus found in the gospels.

Dusty Sandals offers a wealth of ideas and hands-on experience with team building activities, games, reflections, prayer, music and a number of other practical ways to enhance leadership in your school.

Download: Dusty Sandals (2014) Flyer

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