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Course & Workshop Updates


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A holistic program of training and formation for people who desire the skills to work in youth & young adult ministry in a parish or school setting.

Download: Elevate (Youth Ministry Formation Program) Flyer

Strangers No Longer

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How can we be better spiritual companions to young people as they discover their rightful place in the Body of Christ and make their way in today’s changing world?

Download: Strangers No Longer Flyer

Destination Easter

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The Parish 2014 Lenten journey that begins with the ashes and leads to the redeeming waters of Easter – scripture & discussion, song & ritual, prayer & reflection, activity & silence.

Download: Destination Easter (2014 Lenten Program) Flyer

Who Do You Say I Am?

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Retreat-like in content, the program provides a respite for spiritual renewal and an opportunity to encounter others interested in exploring their experience of God in everyday life.

Download: Who do you say I am Flyer

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Pathways to Vitality

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The interactive workshop combines presentation, prayer, ritual, music and sharing, focussing on the keys to vibrant worship in the parish community.

Download: Pathways to Vitality Flyer

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