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Relevant and Meaningful Experiences

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Paul has an extensive background in facilitating retreats and reflection days for staff working in Catholic schools. He is able to design relevant and meaningful experiences which cater for local needs and present these to both teaching and non-teaching staff in a creative, non-threatening and affirming, yet challenging manner. Paul is passionate about being a companion with people on their spiritual journey and the richness of the retreats and reflection days he facilitates are grounded in his own deep personal faith. Staff leave these experiences with a sense of renewal and an enhanced understanding of their ministry in Catholic schools.

Doing Something Fresh

Paul shows a deep personal appreciation for the role of liturgy in Christian life, and has focussed his efforts on making this work. The response of young people confirms that Paul has found their wavelength … he is doing something fresh in the Australian Church – and perhaps in the western world.

Essence of Who We Are

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Paul has an amazing talent for creating liturgy which is alive and meaningful for both the young and those of us who are young in spirit. He brings to all of his workshops a wealth of liturgical experience and touches the very essence of who we are and our relationship with God. His knowledge and understanding of liturgy, especially for young people is remarkable.


To Get People Involved

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The strongest message that I would bring and am bringing into my Parish and Youth Group would also be the message Br Paul and Ben really emphasised during the two days - to get people involved. You see, in leadership elsewhere, leaders are put on a pedestal to organise within themselves as a committee, carry out their work behind the scenes and eventually be seen to be more superior and important than the people they work for.


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