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About GPBS

GPBS (Gather, Proclaim, Break, Send) is a multimedia online website connecting faith, liturgy and life. It’s for School and Parish communities searching for contemporary resources that speak to the hearts, minds and stories of people, especially the young.

Why GPBS? GPBS is based on four key components: Gather, Proclaim, Break, Send – these components are essential elements for planning, preparing and proclaiming in liturgy and ritual and ultimately connecting with our life experiences.

The GPBS team is committed to providing resources that are user-friendly and adaptable. We are continually developing and redeveloping resources after dialogue with people who are working in the ‘mission field’ – listening, discerning and creating.

We are conscious of the time (and energy) taken in preparing liturgy and prayer that is engaging, challenging and life-giving. Therefore, our website is user-friendly and liturgy-friendly.

At GPBS we are committed to supporting and promoting, where possible, Australian Catholic artists who give so generously of their time and talent.

GPBS has a listening ear to the signs of the times and the movement of the Spirit in the lives of God's people

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    GPBS comprises of a team of talented and creative people who give their time and gifts to bring to you unique multimedia resources to your parish or school community.








    Paul Skippen

    Paul is the founder and editor of GPBS and its associated ministry acceptable time. Paul has been working for over 20 years in a number of Catholic schools and parishes all over Australia centring his work on youth and family ministry. Paul is a gifted speaker, facilitator and catalyst for bringing people into the core of the Gospel. Paul is an ardent proclaimer of the Good News and thrives on being able to present this message to young people, families, teachers, parish ministers and anyone who wants to celebrate what it means to be radically Catholic in today’s world. Paul has a passion for engaging liturgy, good music, genuine hospitality and people open to partnerships in parish and school ministry.

    Ben Marshall

    Ben is the Youth Music Minister with the Catholic Community of North Harbour on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. He is a gifted singer, musician and composer who is skilled at drawing people into music that captures, energies, and delights, offering endless possibilities for parishes and schools. Ben is presently studying at the Conservatorium of Music in Sydney and using his musical talent in a number of different bands.

    Michael Dela Cruz

    Michael is a Religious Educator at a secondary school in the Archdiocese of Sydney. Previously, Michael was employed as province youth coordinator for the Order of St Augustine and coordinated the Orders' World Youth Day initiatives and other school and parish based programs. Michael is heavily involved in youth ministry, music, fitness and graphic design. He is the current web designer for GPBS and the Thrive Festival website.

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