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Living Lent with Francis (Daily Reflections 2018) ( 40 Files )

Daily Reflections 2018

We might think that the hope of Lent has to do with our hope that we will get through it, that we will come to the end of it. We see Lent as an obstacle course we need to navigate in order to get to the great feast of Easter. The hope of this season is that we will find our lives transformed by the many ways we encounter God's Word, by the richness of the Scripture readings chosen to encourage, to challenge, to confront, to comfort. Focussing only on the end goal would cause us to miss so much along the way.

The greatest hope of Lent is the discovery that it's not only about penance, deprivation, spiritual struggles, and rooting out sin in our lives. Those are often the things we do during Lent. But the hope of Lent lies in what God does. From the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis has made mercy his hallmark. Francis wants us to realise that God's mercy and grace surround us not just in special times and places but always and everywhere. Lent is a time to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary, to be surprised by God's mercy when we least expect it.

As the season begins, think about the hopes you have for Lent this year. Think about what changes you want to see in your life, in the world. Let the words of Pope Francis guide you on a journey of bringing those hopes to fulfilment.

LightBulb Moments (Staff Weekly Reflection) ( 1 Files )

At times, the tasks and challenges you face as an educator may leave you feeling overwhelmed, tired, and spiritually dehydrated. But take heart, 'Blessed are those who ... thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied' (Matthew 5: 6).

These weekly reflections are designed to encourage and guide you as you anticipate and experience the special and ordinary activities and events associated with life in the classroom. As you pause for a moment to pray for your students and their families, your colleagues, your parish community, your school, your family and yourself, these reflections will will help you to remember the extent of God's great love for you.

Jesus promises, 'Everyone who drinks this water will get thirsty again and again. Anyone who drinks the water I give will never thirst - not ever. The water I give will be a spring within, gushing fountains of endless life'. (John 4: 14). How invigorating!

Advent 2016 for Kids ( 20 Files )

Advent is here! This is a special time to prepare for Christmas and to welcome Jesus into our hearts. Jesus was born into a family. Mary and Joseph loved and cared for him. Just like us, Jesus had grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

During Advent we count the weeks until Christmas. The candles of the Advent wreath remind us to wait for Jesus and to prepare a place for him in our hearts. We light one candle on each of the four Sundays of Advent. Their bright flames bring light to our lives and hope into our world.

Jesus, during Advent we remember how you were born so many years ago. We wait for your coming into our hearts in a special way at Christmas. Help us to watch and wait for you with hope and joy. In your blessed name, we pray. Amen.

Beginning today, you are invited to spend the next four weeks reflecting on your faith in God and the Church. But you will also be challenged to put that faith into action by engaging in activities that, in small, simple ways, will help to create a better world.

Faith & Family Life (Synod) ( 2 Files )

Pope Francis Speaks to Families

From the beginning of his papacy, Pope Francis has devoted much of his attention to the family. At World Youth Day in Brazil in 2013, he spoke often and profoundly to young people about faith and family, noting in one instance: 'How precious is the family as the privileged place for transmitting the faith!'

There can be little doubt that Pope Francis is aware of the serious threats to family life. He has encouraged and been supportive of the boundless energy and commitment available through the Church to improve the spiritual life of families throughout the world.

With these daily reflections, we honour family life. We have chosen quotes from Pope Francis to highlight his warmth, wisdom and wit. We hope these reflections offer families an ideal way to begin a family meal, to start a discussion within your family or to arrange your own in-home family retreat.

Advent 2016 (Daily Prayer) ( 25 Files )

There is a rhythm to life. The Genesis promise of breathing in and breathing out is brought to life in the way our Church celebrates the seasons of the year ... and in the way we move through our days.

Advent 2016 Daily Prayer offers reflection and something to think about. Some of these won't ring bells with you at all; there may be others that strike a cord and which you may feel your mind coming back to, until a new insight emerges and you receive it as a gift from God.

Over these next four weeks, we will look at how we are preparing this world for Jesus. How are we caring for one another, especially the poor and vulnerable, and for God's creation.

Sunday PowerPoint (Year B) ( 1 Files )

(First Advent 2017 - Christ the King 2018)

Resources for the Sunday PowerPoint.
A creative and systematic visual aid that takes the hard work out of liturgy preparation!

Francis, Rebuild My Church! (The Wisdom of Pope Francis) ( 1 Files )

The Words & Wisdom of Pope Francis

Pope Francis wants the Church to be a place of openness, welcome and hospitality. He calls all people of God to experience the joy of the Gospel in the service of our sisters and brothers, wherever they find themselves in the world. Pope Francis wants us to encounter Jesus Christ in our relationships with others – an authentic encounter that leads us to those who are forgotten, hurting, unloved and sitting on the margins. Take on the challenge, embrace the Gospel, and embark on the journey God calls each of us to follow.

Each reflection page offers a focus from Pope Francis with accompanying scripture, action and prayer centred on the words and wisdom of Francis, our brother.

Between Sundays (B) (Weekly Prayer Resource) ( 1 Files )

We ourselves must be people of prayer. Only then will be convincing models of Christian discipleship for those we teach. Paul VI wrote, 'Modern men and women listen more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if they listen to teachers, it is because they are also witnesses' (Evangelii Nuntiandi).

By showing our students how to pray, we show them a way to make life meaningful and full of promise. We lead them to God who loves them when they feel unloved and forgives them when they have failed, to a Saviour who teaches them right living and who died for them, and to a Spirit who enlightens them when they are confused. We lead them to a friend who gladly shares their joys and who cares for them intimately.
We put them in touch with Jesus through prayer. Paul's one encounter with Christ changed his life. We hope that by acting as a matchmaker and arranging for our students to meet Jesus in prayer, they too grow to love him more deeply and become more committed to his mission.

Prayers Before the Bell (Weekly Daily Prayers) ( 1 Files )

A challenging reflection and prayer centring on the daily Gospel for those who minister

Advent 2015 (Families) ( 0 Files )

This is Your Time!

Do you have a parenting bucket list? You know, all the things you want to do with your kids before they grow up? I know one family who's trying to see every football grand final. Another friend wants her kids to appreciate their heritage, so they're learning Polish together.

Thinking about everything you simply must pass on to your kids can get overwhelming. And what about the things that really matter, like teaching them to be kind, loving, and merciful? Fortunately, the church gives us some helpful action plans for getting it all done. One is Advent. The built-in traditions of these four weeks can help your family uncover the true meaning of the season.

These daily reflections can help you get started. You'll find a line or two from each day's Mass readings, plus a short reflection. You can say the simple prayer with even the littlest kids. Finally, a daily Advent action can get your family talking, moving, praying, learning, and loving. Simple. Easy. Doable. Read a page each day and, before you know it, your 'To Do' list will be a 'We Did It' list. But more important, your family will experience the joy and peace of God's kingdom right here, right now.

Advent (Season of Waiting) ( 0 Files )

As I observe my niece and her husband respond to, care for, and lovingly watch every move of their firstborn daughter, I'm very aware of how they look at her. Such a protective, proud, cherishing gaze! That is how God looks on us! God is enthralled with each of us, as if God is saying, 'Look at what I've made. How unique, how extraordinary you are!' May these reflections, practices and prayers help us to rediscover the extravagant promises of our extravagant God.

Advent (Families) ( 0 Files )

Advent is the church's gift to families - a chance to get ready! These daily reflections offer a chance to bring the family together - hopefully at the dinner table or even in the car driving home. The reflections and prayers are short, and the activities suggested offer a chance to do something fun - and simple - together. The season of hope and joy is upon us!

Advent (Daily Reflections) ( 0 Files )

It's good in these busy days before Christmas, to remind ourselves what it means that God embraced humanity. One certain result of that birth in Bethlehem, is that our understanding of God and of what it is to be human, was hugely enlarged. Each day's reflection during Advent is followed by some things to think about.

Advent Programs ( 3 Files )

Advent Programs in Sydney and Melbourne. Please download the flyers below for more information.

My Dear Young Friends (Youth) (Year B) ( 1 Files )

  • My Dear Young Friends links the Sunday gospel with everyday life for young people. Each week comes complete with scripture, prayer, story, reflection, song suggestions, contemporary YouTube links, and a youth-friendly action and Question of the Week that takes the gospel beyond Sunday into the week ahead.
  • My Dear Young Friends is an ideal resource for classroom, youth group, youth liturgy planning, or an insert in the weekly Parish bulletin or school newsletter. Each issue offers an excellent took for reflection and faith formation.

Fingertips (Staff) ( 2 Files )

  • Fingertips is the weekly Staff Prayer for schools. Centred on the Sunday Gospel, each week offers: scripture, prayer, reflection, story and song.
  • Daily Prayer and accompanying daily challenge for reflection and action.

Scribbles (Secondary) ( 3 Files )

  • Scribbles is the weekly Assembly Prayer for secondary schools. Centred on the Sunday Gospel, each week offers: scripture, prayer, reflection, story and song.

Connecting the Dots (Primary) ( 3 Files )

  • Connecting the Dots is the weekly Assembly Prayer for primary schools. Centred on the Sunday Gospel, each week offers: scripture, prayer, reflection, story and song.

Visual Spirituality ( 1 Files )

An extensive photo gallery of pictures and images that can be used for a variety of liturgical themes, seasons, feasts and occasions for PowerPoint, posters, weekly bulletins, newsletters and magazines.

Saints Alive! ( 0 Files )

Remembering and celebrating the Saints – Holy people and human people who responded to God’s invitation in their lives.

Question of the Week ( 1 Files )

A challenging question based on the Sunday Gospel of the week written at three levels: adults, young people, children.

Music Alive! ( 0 Files )

Song suggestions for each Sunday of the liturgical cycle sourcing a number of new and contemporary music collections.

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