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Between Sundays (B) (Weekly Prayer Resource)

We ourselves must be people of prayer. Only then will be convincing models of Christian discipleship for those we teach. Paul VI wrote, 'Modern men and women listen more willingly to witnesses than to teachers, and if they listen to teachers, it is because they are also witnesses' (Evangelii Nuntiandi).

By showing our students how to pray, we show them a way to make life meaningful and full of promise. We lead them to God who loves them when they feel unloved and forgives them when they have failed, to a Saviour who teaches them right living and who died for them, and to a Spirit who enlightens them when they are confused. We lead them to a friend who gladly shares their joys and who cares for them intimately.
We put them in touch with Jesus through prayer. Paul's one encounter with Christ changed his life. We hope that by acting as a matchmaker and arranging for our students to meet Jesus in prayer, they too grow to love him more deeply and become more committed to his mission.


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Between Sundays (Monday 2 April - Friday 6 April 2018) Between Sundays (Monday 2 April - Friday 6 April 2018)

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